A longtime customer of FRG recently joined a new Medical Services Organization, and within a few weeks, that MSO had contracted for a dedicated AccuReports® portal, and implementation of its five health plans was underway. FRG is now providing risk contract and capitation reporting monthly and daily admissions and emergency room visit data through the portal. When we asked him why he always brought us along in his career, which we very much appreciate, he offered this testimonial.

Why do you like AccuReports® by FRG so much?

  1. AccuReports® consolidates data into one place so that we can easily control it. Not only does that improve our efficiency, but it also helps us train our team on one system.
  2. FRG’s process of assembling the data is uniform, enabling us to better manage our business as a whole. Health plans do things in so many different ways, but AccuReports® makes them all consistent and easier to understand.
  3. The service helps us avoid the hassles of having to build and maintain our own data warehouse, which saves IT resources. We also feel confident knowing that FRG emphasizes tying out the financials, so we can browse the data and review it without worry.

You’ve taken FRG with you to multiple companies as you’ve grown in your healthcare finance and operations career. Why is that?

  1. FRG is always willing to help us. They jump on calls to walk us through things or to interpret something we observe as a trend; they even speak with the plans for us when the data shows some gap in content. Their advisors help us recognize opportunities we might not see.
  2. FRG handles all the bumps in the road. Every time we receive new data from the health plans we already have or start with a new plan, there is a chance for the format to change. For us, this would be a huge headache, but FRG takes care of it for us.

FRG is proud to have such loyal customers and grateful to have the chance to serve them through their careers as MSO operators, health plan leaders and ACO managers and through all the roles along the way.

AccuReports® by FRG has become the best-in-class risk and value-based contract reporting system for national and regional health plans. Want to get certified? Contact info@frgsytems.com to sign up.