Solutions for Healthcare Consultants

FRG provides a turn-key medical economics infrastructure for management consultants.  Health plans provide hundreds of raw data files each month to provider groups who are their risk partners.   FRG has developed expertise organizing this big data over decades of experience with the data itself and the health plans that provide it.  When provider groups turn to consultants to interpret this information, healthcare consultants can turn to FRG to manage and process and normalize the group’s data.  When FRG does the data processing, consultants can quickly identify and share opportunities.

AccuReports® includes a library of interactive, actionable and customizable reports with four levels of analysis and two distinct modes making hundreds of views available so that information can be sliced and diced.  FRG consolidates service fund and care gap feeds from more than 20 health plans into the crisp and uniform reports so that users can identify and act on trends across all plans and many care dimensions.  All reports can be sent to PDF and to Excel for preparation and inclusion in downstream analysis or presentations.

FRG also provides data warehouse support services as a companion to the online analytical reporting system.  FRG can provide uniform data feeds for database management systems on a production schedule.  These feeds can be used by the healthcare consultant for deep-dive analysis.  Beyond this infrastructure support, FRG also has the expertise to prepare your team to comment on trends in the data.  Our leadership has extensive experience in healthcare finance and provider incentive plan management, and we are happy to partner with you or simply be your shadow resource.

Consultants also have the opportunity to white-label AccuReports® with their own logos.  Customers experience familiar branding if data is shared downstream.  The library of live analytic reports help management consultants support Medical Service Organizations (MSOs), Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs), Health Management Organizations (HMOs) and any other provider group bearing full or partial risk.

FRG Offers Consultants

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