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Since 1999, FRG has helped health plans and physician groups manage risk by presenting their operational and financial data concisely for analysis through AccuReports® – a drillable, web-based platform.

AccuReports® presents information from multiple sources in a crisp, drillable format and enables users to quickly spot trends, understand the drivers, and act on opportunities to improve financial performance.

An Application with Tenure

Initially developed in 2001 and re-released with enhancements in 2005, 2011, 2014 and 2019, the web-based reporting platform provides a unique and highly customizable spreadsheet-like experience.  Live, menu-driven queries present vital medical economics trends, dynamic care gaps, and interactive risk adjustment analytics all via a client-branded portal. Summary information drills to detail efficiently and intuitively from both tabular and chart presentations.   Clients control user access and assign role-based permissions to individual providers, center practice managers, and entire provider group administrators with confidence.

The Choice of Established Firms

FRG is proud to provide AccuReports® as the risk reporting portal for multiple substantial national Health Plan clients and serve data on more than eleven million lives to hundreds of IPAs and MSOs across the country. Health Plan clients trust FRG to be a reliable partner in data distribution, to provide pre-release audit and validation of production files, and to share its expertise accumulated from years of developing tools to administer incentive contracts.  AccuReports® by FRG is your resource for incentive contract processes, procedures and reconciliation tools

FRG also thrives on its many and diverse direct contracts with Provider Groups (MSOs and IPAs) and Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) who have entered contracts to bear substantial financial risk with one or more than one health plan or CMS directly. Groups choose FRG to organize the disparate and voluminous (big) data that is shared monthly into a unified and consistent framework for analysis. They provide value to their employed and affiliated providers through a branded AccuReports® portal that providers and care managers can access directly to quickly identify performance improvement opportunities. In addition, FRG provides a core data set each month that can be loaded to a data warehouse for ad hoc analysis and month end close documentation.

“Simply put, we wouldn’t consider another Medicare or Medicaid Risk contract without using AccuReports. Because AccuReports is the best in class (high quality, secure, fast, web based) and provides full drill down/drill through capabilities, so that we are able to focus on improving quality and cost containment in record time. Extremely responsive support, openness to customer requests and great value complete an offering that no organization managing risk contract or pay for performance contracts should pass on.”
CEO, Multi-State FQHC
“Of the various different products I have vetted during the past several years, AccuReports® definitely stands far and above the rest. It’s intuitive – as has been confirmed by many of my peers – as well as robust, taking data from five of our different payers, including CMS, and presenting it in an easy to understand way.”
Manager, Medical Economics

“Your product is so intuitive that users don’t even need training.”

VP Innovation and Implementation, National Value-Based Care Enterprise

AccuReports® by the Numbers

Unique & Customizable Reporting Options
0 Lives
Data Processed Each Month
0 Providers
Data Served Securely to 700+ Provider Groups

Slide AccuReports® Integrates Multiple Types of Data into a Consistent Framework for Analysis FRG can incorporate any data set into AccuReports® upon request Slide
AccuReports® is a Medical Economics Analysis and Reporting System for Risk-Bearing Entities
Health Plans…
Create transparency for downstream risk contracts
MSOs and IPAs…
Understand and act on opportunities
Gain clarity on resource consumption by attributed beneficiaries
Leverage our secure infrastructure and tools to empower your clients
The Trends Dashboard Puts Data in Motion Highlighting Trends in Revenue and Cost Categories
Trendlines present data year-over-year for at-a-glance growth analysis Expense to Funding Ratio shows whether balance is eroding or creating a surplus Change filters to generate the trends for any PCP or group for any time frame for any of the loaded payors Membership Trend shows growth over time
The Top 20’s Dashboard Summarizes High Dollar & Volume at a Glance Helping Your Analysis
Top Scripts, Top Patients, Top Specialties and Top ER users allow for quick identification of major cost drivers All reports drill through to patient and or claims-level detail as appropriate
Online Interactivity, Access Controls and Download Capability
View dynamic information online Download reports for month-end or pivot tables, or print for meetings Create Bookmarks for favorite reports Intuitively drill through interactive graphics to supporting data Find integrated help written by experienced financial analysts

Who We Help

MSOs, IPAs and Physician Groups

Easily Identify Performance Improvement Opportunities

Healthcare Management Services Organizations

Use AccuReports® to understand trends and measure care management effectiveness

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Health Plans (Government and Commercial)

Align Incentives through Performance Transparency

Tools for Health Plans & HMOs

Use AccuReports® to efficiently communicate performance on financial and quality metrics over the web.

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Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs)

Understand Medical Cost Dynamics and Take Action

Accountable Care Organizations Solutions

AccuReports® presents your CCLF data as interactive profit and loss statements.

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Healthcare Consultants

Let FRG Provide your Medical Economics Infrastructure

Take Your Clients to the Next Level

FRG has decades of experience organizing medical economics data into meaningful reports. Leverage our tools to speed your assessments.

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