Volume 1  |  Issue 2
October 2019
Industry News
Transparency, c/o Pennsylvania Avenue

On July 30, CMS Administrator Seema Verma spoke at the Blue Button Developer Conference at the White House and announced a number of policy developments to highlight and celebrate the 54th birthday of the Medicare program. We focused on the following statement:

“To make it easier for providers to participate in risk-based contracts, and to ensure that they can effectively manage spending, providers need to have data on all their patients to understand how they are moving through the healthcare system and using services.” S. Verma

We agree!  And, in fact, we believe that providers participating in risk-based contracts should demand to have data on the cost and clinical specifics of all the elements of the care that’s been provided to patients for which they are financially responsible.
Administrator Verma went on to recount recent developments that allow CMS to share claims data with ACOs through its Beneficiary Claims Data API (BCDA) which will eventually supplant the Claim and Claim Line Feed (CCLF) currently provided to ACOs participating in the Shared Savings program. 

 “Earlier this year at HIMSS we announced the Beneficiary Claims Data API. This API is an improved way for CMS to share claims data with ACOs. It’s a key first step in enhancing data sharing to drive value-based care and increase participation in new payment models.”

This is exciting!  FRG has experience working with clinicians who are financially accountable for the total cost of care and are able to review total cost of care analysis in the context of diagnostic history data.

Follow the link below to read our full article: Transparency c/o Pennsylvania Avenue.
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