FRG’s Tradeshow Beat: World Congress Care Coordination & Technology

The 8th Annual World Congress Care Coordination & Technology Conference was held  in Atlanta this year. The summit spanned 2 days in January convening thought leaders from around the country to collaborate across the care continuum.

This conference was a congregation of several co-located summits. These summits encompassed MACRA & Quality Payment Programs, Care Coordination, Bundle Payments, Telehealth & Remote Patient Monitoring and ACO Population Health. With such a diverse collection of topics, there were experts from every sector in healthcare. With collaboration as main goal of the summit, these experts were willing to share and participate in open discussions.

Executives from the various sectors shared their strategies and best practices as the transition to value based healthcare accelerates. They also shared the challenges that they’ve faced. We all know there isn’t a broadly published “How to” guide that spells out exactly what every organization needs to do for the perfect transformation from the fee for service environment. Thus, idea sharing on what is currently working is imperative to success.

Technology is Top of Mind

The most predominant topics discussed included ways to improve care coordination and readmissions reduction. Discussions also called for increased collaboration between health plans and providers. While listening to various presentations that explained creative strategies, there was an overwhelming commonality with every one of them. The common denominator was: technology.

Whether it was population health, claims data reporting, contract structuring, telehealth or managing quality measurements, technology infrastructure was the resounding catalyst for every strategy. Some organizations built their own infrastructure while others purchased services from third party vendors. There were even some who tried to build it unsuccessfully, eventually transitioning to well established third party partners with many years of experience.

Consequently, our biggest takeaway from this conference is that technology is the key to success. Specifically through data analytics, aggregation, warehousing and communications integration.

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